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Can’t decide which flavour you’ll like best? Why not try a sample pack, to help you decide which flavours are for you, without spending too much money on the larger bottles.

In this pack, you will receive all 6 flavours in 10ml bottles. These will come with 8.5ml of juice in each and also a 18mg Nicotine shot. Simply put 1.5ml of the Nic shot into each bottle, allow a bit of time for this to mix and you will have 10ml of each flavour in 3mg strength.

Each flavour is mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio

The flavours are below:

Blueberry Waffle:

A waffle based flavour with hints of blueberries throughout, close your eyes when you vape it and you’ll see yourself sat in a dessert café eating the real thing.

Coggy’s Mix:

Coggy’s mix is a fruity blend, mixed with blueberry’s, cherry, harvest berry’s, Strawberries and small splashes of Lemon, Orange, Passion Fruit and Koolada, to give it a quirky but surprisingly refreshing taste.

This mix has been in development for over a year, with many failed tests, but I feel that this flavour is now a great refreshing blend which has been enjoyed by everyone who has tried it, which has given it the privilege to be called Coggy’s Mix

Sugar Donut:

Ever been eating a bag of sweet sugary donuts and thought “How nice would it be to enjoy this flavour all day, without over doing it on sugar and dough”? Well with this flavour you can.

A blend of a warm freshly baked donut, with sprinkles of sugar. This vape is a really nice mixture of sweet and savoury tastes, which leaves that powdered sugar taste on your lips

Vanilla Custard

Well it is exactly as it says on the bottle. A rich and creamy custard flavour, with just the right amount of vanilla added to it, to give it that extra rich and flavoursome taste.

A must for all desert and custard loving vapers out there.

Very Berry

A great and refreshing mix of berries, to give this a nice flavoursome taste. The subtle layers of different berries with extra amounts of cherry and strawberry.

If you like a nice fruity vape, this is the one for you

Very Berry Ice

Exactly the same as the Very Berry mix, this vape has the perfect amount of mixed berries. However, it also has that added extra hint of Koolada, to give you a refreshing icy finish.

Perfect for those hot summer days to help you keep cool in the sun.

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