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Great cotton from California USA.

Cool Whic is known for its long lasting, great taste, organic cotton with no break in time.


Designed by King Califa with the idea to combine every beneficial characteristic of every cotton manufactured by CoolWhic. Stellar gives you that insane flavor of Private Reserve, The awesome cloud production of Presidential, that Grizzly strength and heat resistance of the Ra’Vage and absorbs like our Geisha Quilts. No Dry Hits!! Stellar has a dry hit indicator, your cotton will stop producing vapor as a warning that your cotton is getting dry. This allows your cotton to last much longer. Great for all applications,

Private Reserve:

Let your taste buds enjoy every drop of your favorite juice with our Private Reserve cotton. Designed for the Connoisseur, but a must have for max VG lovers. Don’t worry about dry hits Private Reserve is heat resistant and will warn you that its getting dry, well before you ever get a dry hit. Private Reserve is easy to wick, absorbs fast and holds everlasting flavor long after your juice well goes dry. Another California jewel that we bring to you to enjoy. NO BREAK IN TIME!!   SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!


Presidential… a secret hybrid blend of fibers that were designed to add volume, denser clouds, heat resistance and to unlock every flavor in your Juice bottle. Presidential Sweet has ZERO Break-In, easy to wick, absorbs fast and holds every lasting flavor long after your juice well goes dry. You will more than likely change your coil before you need to re-wick Connoisseurs Choice…exclusive connoisseur crafted for the perfect blend of smooth flavor, maximum vapor release and satisfaction

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Stellar, Private Reserve, Presidential