About Lord Cogingtons


Lord Cogingtons is a small online only business. I have been vaping for a number of years now so if you have any questions about Lord Cogingtons or vaping in general, please feel free to contact me.

If there is a product you are looking for, that is not available from Lord Cogingtons, please use the custom order form, detailing what you are looking for. I will respond to you as soon as possible, with the price and estimated delivery time. If you are happy with this, i will send you a custom invoice, via PayPal, then obtain the item for you.

Please read the T’s & C’s page before ordering, these are the conditions around sales through this site.

Thank you for visiting Lord Cogingtons and hope you find everything you are looking for.

The Lord Cogingtons Story

As mentioned above, i have been vaping for a number of years now. I have used a varied range of kits and juices, from simply starter pen style kits, right up to hybrid mechanical mods and squonk kits.

Mid 2016 i started brewing my own juices, using a variety of different flavours and brands, mixing different flavours together to try and get blends that are layered and make my vaping experience even more enjoyable.

After a while i landed on a list of flavours, which friends and family tried and they were instantly hooked.

Not being settled there, i tried the same mixes, but with other flavour brands and found ways to further improve these flavours. I then worked with a number of reviewers and promoters, to narrow the list down to just a small number of flavours, which have been tweaked and enhanced even further.

After months of testing and tweaking, i have settled on the best and most desired 6 flavours:

Blueberry Waffle:

I toyed with a few names on this one, but nothing explains the flavour of this juice than this.

A waffle based flavour with hints of blueberries throughout, close your eyes when you vape it and you’ll see yourself sat in a desert café eating the real thing.

Coggy’s Mix:

Coggy’s mix is a fruity blend, mixed with blueberry’s, cherry, harvest berry’s, Strawberries and small splashes of Lemon, Orange, Passion Fruit and Koolada, to give it a quirky but surprisingly refreshing taste.

This mix has been in development for over a year, with many failed tests, but I feel that this flavour is now a great refreshing blend which has been enjoyed by everyone who has tried it, which has given it the privilege to be called Coggy’s Mix

Sugar Donut:

Ever been eating a bag of sweet sugary donuts and thought “How nice would it be to enjoy this flavour all day, without over doing it on sugar and dough”? Well with this flavour you can.

A blend of a warm freshly baked donut, with sprinkles of sugar. This vape is a really nice mixture of sweet and savoury tastes, which leaves that powdered sugar taste on your lips

Vanilla Custard

Well it is exactly as it says on the bottle. A rich and creamy custard flavour, with just the right amount of vanilla added to it, to give it that extra rich and flavoursome taste.

A must for all desert and custard loving vapers out there.

Very Berry

A great and refreshing mix of berries, to give this a nice flavoursome taste. The subtle layers of different berries with extra amounts of cherry and strawberry.

If you like a nice fruity vape, this is the one for you

Very Berry Ice

Exactly the same as the Very Berry mix, this vape has the perfect amount of mixed berries. However, it also has that added extra hint of Koolada, to give you a refreshing icy finish.

Perfect for those hot summer days to help you keep cool in the sun.

Ways these juices will be available

All of these flavours will be available in a mixture of ways:

Sample Packs

If you’re not sure which flavour to try, there will be a sample packs available.

In this pack, you will receive all flavours in 10ml bottles. These will come with 8.5ml of juice in each and also a 18mg Nicotine shot. Simply put 1.5ml of the Nic shot into each bottle, allow a bit of time for this to mix and you will have 10ml of each flavour in 3mg strength.


Once you have decided which flavours you like, you will be able to purchase these juices in Shortfill bottles. Each one will be 50ml of juice in a 60ml bottle, allowing you to add a 10ml Nic Shot to give it 3mg strength.

Soon I will also be releasing these Shortfills with just 40ml of juice in, giving enough room for 2 bottles of Nic shots, opening up Shortfills for vapers who would normally vape at 6mg

DIY Kits

Found the perfect flavour, one you could vape all day every day? Then the DIY kits are just what you need.

These will be available in 250ml and soon in 500ml bottles. You will receive the bottle size of your choice, with the perfect amount of flavour concentrate. You will also receive instructions on the volume of PG, VG and Nicotine to add and the steeping time required, to give you plenty of juice to keep you going for a long time.

For those who are new to brewing your own juices, there will also be DIY packs, where you will receive the exact amount of everything. Simply mix everything together in your flavour bottle, leave to steep and enjoy.

Also available are pre-mixed DIY kits. So with these you get a 250ml bottle, with 210ml of pre mixed flavour, VG and PG. you will also receive 4 nic shots and a labelled decanting bottle. Simply add the nic shots, leave for a day or so for those to mix properly, then you have 250ml of juice ready to go. It’s basically like a really big shortfill